Let's review the parallels we have so far between the cronological events in the Jesus story and the corresponding astronomical events in the annual journey of the Sun:

1.The Sun is born, or re-born, on December 25th.Jesus is born on December 25th.
2.On the Winter Solstice the sun enters Capricorn. The Sun then passes through Capricorn, traveling 30 degrees in 30 days, to reach Aquarius at "age 30". Entering Aquarius is the first big event of the journey. Jesus started his mission at "age 30" by visiting John the Baptist.
3.The Sun's annual journey around the Zodiac takes one year.Jesus' mission lasted one year (according to the Synoptic Gospels).
4.The Sun visits Aquarius who immerses the land with water.Jesus visits John the Baptist who baptizes with water.
5.The Sun is temptated to give in to the forces of darkness.Jesus is tempted by the Devil, the "angel of darkness."
6.The Sun resists that temptation and continues on its journey.Jesus resists the Devil and continues on his journey.
7.The Sun leaves Aquarius. Aquarius is figuratively put in prison.Jesus leaves John the Baptist, who is "put in prison."
8.The Sun goes on it's way, leaving Aquarius behind.Jesus leaves John the Baptist behind, apparently unconcerned about his fate.
9.The Sun then visits Pisces, the two fish. Theme of fishing.Jesus then visits Simon and Peter, two fishermen.
10.The Sun visits Aries, a ram, sheep, or lamb, on the Vernal Equinox, when darkness and cold, the figurative sins of the earth, are overpowered by light and warmth. Jesus is the "lamb of God" who takes away the sins (cold and darkness) of the earth.
11.The Vernal Equinox is a time to celebrate the victorious resurrection of the Sun. It is a Spring time celebration of the rebirth of the Sun and the Sun overpowering the cold and darkness of Winter. Easter, when we celebrate Jesus as risen from the grave, is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Vernal Equinox. It is a Spring time celebration of the victorious resurrection of Jesus.
12.Due to the earth's precession the Vernal Equinox gradually moved from Aries the ram to Pisces the fish.A fish became the symbol of Christianity.
13.The Sun in Spring brings an end to stormy weather.Jesus calms the storm.
14.The head of Aquarius rises from below the eastern horizon (rises from the dead).John the Baptist "rises from the dead."
15.The head of Aquarius appears beheaded by the horizon.John the Baptist is beheaded.
16.The head of Aquarius continues to rise above the horizon intact. John the Baptist somehow survives this beheading and "rises from the dead" intact.
17.The Sun then crosses the Milky Way, that starry band that lies like a lake across the night sky. The Sun figuratively walks on water. Jesus then "walks on water."
18.The Sun reaches the Summer Solstice, the day it reaches its highest point and shines brightest and longest. Jesus goes up a high mountain, the highest point in his journey, and shines brighter than ever. "His face shown like the Sun."
19.The Sun figuratively rides an ass and foal (Babylonian Zodiac sign for the house of Cancer) into Summer. Jesus rides an ass and foal for his triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

And looking ahead in the Jesus story, we know Jesus eventually dies and is resurrected three days later, just as the Sun dies on the Winter Solstice and is reborn three days later on Christmas day.

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