Outlining the Solar Myth - Aquarius

So far we have:

1 The Sun is born, or re-born, on December 25th. Jesus is born on December 25—Christmas Day.
2 On the Winter Solstice the sun enters Capricorn. The Sun then passes through Capricorn, traveling 30 degrees in 30 days, to reach Aquarius at "age 30". Entering Aquarius is the first big event of the journey. Jesus begins his ministry at "about 30 years of age" by visiting John the Baptist, who baptizes with water.
3 The Sun's annual journey through the twelve houses of the zodiac takes one year. Jesus' ministry is said to take one year (according to the Synoptic Gospels).

Aquarius is depicted by a man pouring out a pitcher of water. At left we have the illustration of what Aquarius is supposed to look like on the western horizon, if you have a very good imagination. It takes quite an imagination to see this in the stars. The idea of a man pouring out water has more to do with what is happening at that time of year. (See The constellations don't look like what they're named).

The Sun enters Aquarius around Jan. 20. January is the rainy season. There is a lot of water everywhere. In January the days start to get longer and longer, as the Sun climbs higher and higher in the sky each day. The days also begin to get warmer and warmer, because the angle of the Sun's rays changes (see Cause of the Seasons [offsite]). The longer warmer days cause any snow that has accumulated in the higher mountains to melt, adding to the inundation of water. Rivers rise and may flood. This is the first step in the harvest cycle. We look forward to the promise of a good harvest later on in the year.

4. The Sun visits Aquarius who immerses the land with water.
Jesus starts his one year ministry by visiting John the Baptist who baptises with water (Matthew 3).

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