After the Sun passes through Aquarius, the Sun enters Pisces, the two fish. There's a lot of water around, brought on by Aquarius, and there's no harvest yet, and not much good hunting, so this is a good time to go fishing. Hence the theme of fish and fishing.

9. The Sun visits Pisces, the two fish. Theme of fishing.

Reviewing the Jesus story vs. the solar mythology story, so far we have about the Sun:

  1. The Sun is born, or re-born, on December 25th.
  2. On the Winter Solstice the sun enters Capricorn. The Sun then passes through Capricorn, traveling 30 degrees in 30 days, to reach Aquarius at "age 30". Entering Aquarius is the first big event of the journey.
  3. The Sun's annual journey takes one year.
  4. The Sun visits Aquarius who immerses the land with water.
  5. The temptation to give in to the forces of darkness,
  6. the resistance to that temptation.
  7. The Sun leaves Aquarius. Aquarius is figuratively is put in prison.
  8. The Sun goes on it's way, leaving Aquarius behind.
  9. The Sun visits Pisces, the two fish. Theme of fishing.
So far we have about Jesus:
1) Born on 25th of December, birthday of the sun.
2) Starts his mission at "age 30" (Luke 3:23)
3) Mission is said to take one year [Synoptic Gospels]
4) Starts his mission by visiting John the Baptist (Mat. 3)
5) Is then tempted by the devil (Mat. 4:1-11)
6) resists the devil's offers (Mat. 4:4,7,10-11)
7) John is put "in prison." (Mat. 4:12)
8) Jesus goes on his way, leaving John behind. (Mat. 4:13-17)
9) Jesus then visits Simon and Peter, two fishermen. (Mat. 4:18-22)

(Note how Aquarius is now below the horizon. We won't be seeing Aquarius for awhile.)

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