Aquarius goes below the horizon

After a month has passed the Sun leaves Aquarius and Aquarius goes below the horizon. We might say Aquarius has entered the underworld, or hades, or hell, or has been handed over. Since Aquarius is depicted by a man, we might figuratively say our character has been put in prison, since we won't be seeing Aquarius again at Sunset for quite awhile.

7. The Sun leaves Aquarius. Aquarius is figuratively is put in prison.
After Jesus visits John the Baptist who baptizes him with water, John the Baptist is put "in prison" (Mat. 4:12).
[NOTE: The King James version reads, "Now when Jesus had heard that John was cast into prison, he departed into Galilee;" (Mat. 4:12 [King James Version]) Actually a more literal translation reads, "And Jesus having heard that John was delivered up, did withdraw to Galilee," (Mat. 4:12 [Young's Literal Translation]) The single word παραδιδωμι, which the KJV version translates as "was cast into prison" means "to deliver up one to custody". The word "prison" is not found anywhere in the Strong's definition. (See Strong's #3860.)

8. The Sun goes on it's way, leaving Aquarius behind.
Jesus goes on his way. (Mat. 4:13-17)

In the Jesus story after Jesus [the Sun], visits John the Baptist [Aquarius] the Bible says, “After John was put in prison, Jesus went into Galilee,....” (Mark 1:14; Matthew 4:12; Luke 3:20; John 3:24). Suddenly John the Baptist is "put in prison", and Jesus just goes on his merry way! There is no further explanation in the Bible, which seems quite strange if John were a real person. We want to know why he was "put in prison." What crime was he accused of? Who threw him in prison? Was there a trial? Did Jesus attend the trial and speak on his behalf? No. Nothing more is said. Jesus just continues on his journey and appears unconcerned about John the Baptist.

This is all very strange and hard to understand if interpreted as a story of real life events, but it all makes perfect sense when understood as an astronomical allegory. John the Baptist being put in prison is merely an allegory for the constellation Aquarius at sunset moving lower and lower until it is below the horizon at the end of the month and can no longer be seen. It is a natural phenomenon that requires no further explanation, and that is why there is no further explanation in the Bible.

So Jesus [the Sun], continues on his way into "Galilee". The word "Galilee" literally means "circuit". The original Greek word is γαλιλαις {gal-il-ah'-yah} (Strong's Greek #1056. Click here to see the verse in Greek), which is a word of Hebrew origin לילג {gaw-lee-law'} (Strong's Hebrew #01551). A "circuit" is a closed, usually circular path. The ecliptic is the circuit the Sun travels along during the year. The ecliptic is a great circle inscribed on the celestial sphere. Jesus, a personification of the Sun, continues on his way along the ecliptic, or "Galilee".

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