Goddess, Mothers of the Gods

 Conception of Horus (Osiris)

Mary "Mother of God"

Devi, Maha-Devi




Chimalman or Sochiquetzal

Changing Woman








Mary - "Mother of God" - Virgin mother of Jesus. Thought to be a derivation of several goddesses whose popular image is taken from the Goddess Isis who is often depicted with her child, Horus. Followers called Marianites worshipped Mary as divine. 13

Devi, Maha-Devi - Hindu, "The Great Goddess", "Mother of the Universe", Devaki- , Mother of Krishna, and Devayani- the divine yoni, virgin mother of Mahavira. 13

Maya - Virgin Goddess of spring and mother of Buddha, the Greek goddess Maia- Virgin mother of Hermes. The Hindu goddess Kali-Maya. 13

Shin-Moo - China's "Holy Mother", First born son was a savior. Later myth has her giving birth from her arms and breasts. 13

Isis - Mother of the sun (Horus). Swallowed Osiris and brought him back to life as Horus. Followers of Isis were assured passage to the Elysian Fields after death. 13

Chimalman or Sochiquetzal - Aztec virgin mother of Quetzalcoatl 13

Changing Woman - The Navajo Creator Goddess was created by the Supreme Creator from a piece of turquoise. She created people from a mixture of corn dust and the skin from her breasts. She represents nature and birth, growing old and then young again. 12

Minerva - Roman Goddess of wisdom and the moon. 13

Diana - Roman "Queen of Heaven". The gospels commanded destruction of her temples in Acts 19:27. 13

Myrrha - Gave birth to Adonis in Bethlehem. 13

Cybele - Great mother of the gods from Ida, also Kubaba, Kuba, and Kube 13

Alcmene - Virgin Mother of Hercules. 13

Anath - Virgin mother of Mot-Aleyin, son of Baal. 13



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