Religion or Cult?

Religion Not Cause of 9-11 Attacks - Just an Excuse

Letter to the Editor:

Regarding the role of religion in the 9-11 attacks, I believe the hijackers were not fanatics of Islam who decided on their own to go on a suicide mission, but instead were members of a cult controlled by a leader who told them to go on a suicide mission. The hijackers didn't plan the attack, the attack was planned for them by someone else who decided they were expendable. The hijackers didn't need to think because all the thinking was done for them. The hijackers were actually prevented from thinking by having them endlessly repeat the religious invocations they were provided with. Religion was not the motivating factor, it was merely a convenient guise.

This is clearly evident in the four page letter U.S authorities found in a suitcase that belonged to hijacker Mohamed Atta. At first glance the letter may appear to be just a final pep talk enveloped in a sea of religious piety, but a critical analysis reveals it is actually a classic example of cultic mind control.

The letter is a script. It tells the hijackers exactly what to do at all times, and more importantly, what to think. Page 1 of the letter begins, "The last night:" Page 2 begins, "After that, the second phase," (arriving at the airport). Page 3 contains "The third Phase," (boarding the plane). Only after all the instructions are given does the letter promise the martyr good favor with God, so the hijacker doesn't even have to think about his religious beliefs, even that has been done for him. (I present a full analysis of the letter here.)

Religion compels us to examine our own life, our motivations, and our goals. Ironically, religion was being used as a distraction to prevent the hijackers from critically thinking about just that.

Analysis Of Letter To Terrorist Mohamed Atta, A Classic Example Of Cultic Mind Control

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