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The Brick Bible
The Brick Bible
It's dirtier than Hustler, more violent than The Sopranos .... it's pretty impressive for an illustrated Bible made entirely of Legos. Brendan Powell Smith has spent the past four years staging and photographing particularly intense biblical scenes in the living room of his home. The thirty-two-year-old son of an Episcopalian Sunday-school teacher is an avowed atheist, but he insists his project is meant to explore the Scriptures, not mock them. "My version of Noah's Ark focuses a little more on the people who didn't make it onto the boat."

See more at The Brick Bible.

Ebon Musings. A lot of excellent essays at this site.

Holy Blasphemy Mission Statement: Holy Blasphemy is committed to embracing the entirety of God's creation, appreciating the noble humanity of all people, and respecting each individual's personal relationship with divinity. Blasphemy is the practice of speaking out against dated religious customs and clearing the way to a fuller appreciation of truth, and is considered by us to be a sacred duty for the spiritually eager.
Astrotheology And The "Jesus Story" Of The New Testament: Does It Originate With The Stars? (I discovered this site January 2005. The author appears to have read my site and borrows a bit from it, which makes me happy that someone actually read my site and found the contents worth repeating.)
Vega32 made a nice slide show on Astrotheology using quotes from my site. Solar Mythology - Origins of Religious Belief
Praise the Lord! But which one? Vega32 made a slide show on The Reason For The Season again based on the scholarly work of Acharya S



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