The Origin of Morality

Two concepts of Morality

Fundamentalist Conservatives:

Fundamentalist Conservatives claim morality originates from a book, the Bible, written by God, who is the ultimate source of everything. God is the origin. One can not trace back further the origin of morality, or anything for that matter, beyond God.

This being the case, the proper thing to do is to study the Bible to obtain the rules of morality, and then follow the rules. As long as we follow and abide by the rules we'll be OK.

Therefore: Morality is Obedience

Liberal Progressive:

Liberal Progressives are in touch with their emotions. They feel that something is right or wrong, moral or immoral. Morality is based in the emotions. Emotions are the origin of morality. An action is ultimately deemed moral or immoral because we feel it is moral or immoral.

See Evolutionary Psychology in 30 Seconds for an explanation of the emotions we evolved and why we evolved them.

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