Frankincense. A simple aromatic, valued more highly than gold, the most sought after treasure of the ancient world. Emperors of Rome had it burned at their funerals, and it was the Magi, the wise men who came from the East, who brought frankincense to the baby Jesus.[1] Matthew 2:11 (Note however the NIV version of the Bible says only "incense" and not specifically frankincense. More on that later.)

"Why frankincense? Frankincense is simply a tree sap. So is myrrh. But when burned,... the scent of the frankincense was considered by the ancient people to be evidence of God on Earth."[2]

The reason for presenting these gifts is explained by the facts that of the seven metals dedicated to the genii of the planets, gold was the one consecrated to God Sol; and frankincense and myrrh were the gums burned in censers in his worship.[3]

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