Astronomico-Theological Cast of Characters

Justification for this mapping relies on whether the pieces of the resulting story fit neatly together to give us a beautiful picture. Although the following mapping may seem absurd at first, it will be shown from examination of the Bible stories that the pieces fit perfectly together exposing the allegory.

JesusThe Sun - "I am the light" (John 8:12, John 9:5)
BethlehemZodiac constellation Virgo. August: Beth - house. Each of the 12 divisions of the zodiac is a house. lehiem - Hebrew for bread. [spelled {lamed, chet, mem sofit} see Strong #3899,3900,3901] Therefore, Beth leheim is literally, "House of bread." In the "House of bread" you will find a virgin - Virgo the virgin. [Kuhn essay on John]
Star of BethlehemI am currently guessing the planet Venus, which is always near the sun.
Three Magi (Wise Men)3 stars in the belt of the constellation Orion. "Wise Men" always the title of astrologers. In the story the three "Wise Men" or astrologers "follow the star to Bethlehem," and if we follow the path these three stars appear to take during the night as the celestial sphere rotates over our heads we will find they lead us to Virgo.
HeavenThe celestial sphere above. Heaven is always up, and if you go out at night and look up, you see all the stars of the night sky. You are literally looking at Heaven.
HellThe underworld, under-world, i.e. under the world, where the Sun goes at night as it travels from the west where it set back to the east where it will rise again in the morning. Hell is always down, below the earth, under the earth. It's hot and on fire, no doubt because the Sun itself is hot and on fire and the Sun travels through there every night.
Mary Virgo, the celestial virgin.
Joseph Saturn - "In Medieval & Renaissance art Joseph is often seen holding the symbols that have long been associated with the planet & archetype of Saturn." —
Or, the constellation Bootes, which is next to Virgo, the celestial virgin, which represents Mary.

Robert Taylor Devil's Pulpit Sermon #22
Winter (Mark)The star Fomalhaut, in the Fishes' mouth of Piscis Austrinus (next to Aquarius. Marcus literally signifying the shining one.) When the sun passes by this star, Winter begins. It is the winter solstice. The days begin to get longer and longer. The sun is figuratively reborn. Christians celebrate Christmas, the "birth" of Christ.
Spring (Luke)The star Aldebaran, the bull's eye, both of the name and symbol of St. Luke, with his bull. When the sun passses by this star, Spring begins. It is the vernal equinox. The sun springs upwards and ascends to heaven. Christians celebrate Easter, the crucifixion of Jesus who lives again and ascends into heaven. Jews celebrate Passover. The sun crosses or passes over the equinox, a Cross-ification, or crucifixion, or Pass-over.
Summer (Matthew)The star Regulus, in the constellation Leo, the lion. When the sun passes by this star, Summer begins. It is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. From here on out the days begin to get shorter and shorter.
Autumn (John)The star Antares in Scorpio. When the sun passes by this star, Fall or Autumn begins. The sun falls, appears to slowly die, and leaves us as it descends more and more to the underworld, i.e. "hell." It is Autumn, a period of incipient decline (the meaning of Autumn) as the sun leaves us. The sun crosses the equinox a second time - the autumnal equinox. However, it is also harvest time. Time to eat so we may stay alive. The sun which is now figuratively dying, "gave it's life" so that we may live.

Two thievesNovember and December, the only months in the year in which thre is no harvest of consequence on the face of the globe."-Stowe p124.
Star of BethlehemThe planet Venus (Stowe p126.)
LuciferThe planet Venus (Stowe p125.) light-bearer "O! Lucifer, son of the morning" (Isaiah xiv. 12) "Pointing out Venus, the morning star, in the east, which heralds the rebirth of the Sun." Stowe p127.
Judas IscariotThe planet Venus (Stowe p125.)
"Days of evil", "evil days"the short days of deep winter Taylor vol 1. p186
"Prince of Darkness"night time, when it's dark.
LazarusThe Sun [see Robert Taylor sermon on Lazarus]
Doubting Thomas21st of December, doubting that the sun will rise again. Winter solstice is Dec. 22, three days later, Dec. 25, the days start getting longer again. The sun has arisen again. The sun has been reborn.
Children of lightThe Stars. (Luke 16:8, John 12:36, Ephesians 5:8, 1 Thessalonians 5:5)
Luke ch.1 v35On the 19th of August, the constellation of the Virgin disappears in the sun's rays. Christians celebrate the assumption of the blessed Virgin. On the 9th of September, this constellation emerges out of the Sun's rays, at which time the Catholics celebrate the nativity of the mother of the Sun, or Christ. (Christian Mythology Unveiled, p.104)
Mat. 11:2The "days of John the Baptist" are the days of Aquarius, Jan. 20 - Feb 18.

Note the names of the last 4 months of the year reveal that March is actually the first month of the year. (Ber is the name of a god).
Septem Ber - 7
Octo Ber - 8
Novem Ber - 9
Decem Ber - 10

House, MansionThe Zodiac is divided into 12 houses, dividing the year into 12 months. Each house has a constellation of the Zodiac in it to identify it. "In my Father's edifice (οικια)[which is the heavens above where all the stars are] are many places to stay (μονη)[which are the 12 houses of the Zodiac.] (John 14:2) Each year the sun travels through the 12 houses of the Zodiac, spending one month in each house. This is how ancients determined what time of year it was. Jesus, i.e. the sun, whose ministry lasted one year, did a lot of traveling during his ministry.

December Capricorn (sigil)Goat
January Aquarius (sigil)Water Bearer
February Pisces (sigil)Two Fish
March Aries (sigil)
April Taurus (sigil)
May Gemini (sigil)
June Cancer (sigil)
July Leo (sigil)Lion
August Virgo (sigil)Virgin Bethlehem, Jerusalem
SeptemberLibra (sigil)Scales Justice
October Scorpio (sigil)Scorpion
November Sagittarius(sigil)Man on horse with bow and arrowthe hunter.

(Note: Different authors give different mappings for the 12 Apostles which represent the 12 signs of the zodiac or 12 months of the year, so further research is needed. Currently being investigated.)

According to Matthew 10:2-4 the 12 disciples are:
  1. first, Simon (who is called Peter)
  2. and his brother Andrew;
  3. James son of Zebedee,
  4. and his brother John;
  5. Philip
  6. and Bartholomew;
  7. Thomas
  8. and Matthew the tax collector;
  9. James son of Alphaeus,
  10. and Thaddaeus;
  11. Simon the Zealot
  12. and Judas Iscariot, who betrayed him.
Robert Taylor Devil's Pulpit vol. 1 p 159
Saint PeterJanuary, Aquarius
Saint Judas IscariotFebruary, Pisces, the fishes.
Saint Andrew (brother of Peter)March (sun crosses equator in March)
MatthewApril, Taurus, the bull, as you see all representations of St. Matthew with a bull's head aat his foot, as if of purpose to show us, what the proper understanding of the thing is.
JohnMay, the disciple which Jesus loved (find ref.)
Thomas, or DidymusJune, crab? or twins? The month of June puts an end to the sun's further ascension, and begins to shorten all days. (p 176)
James the Greater.July
Judas, brother of JamesAugust
James the Less, surnamed Oblia the Just,September, Libra, the balance of justice.
Nathaniel, whom Christ saw under the fig-tree, gathering in the last remaining fruits of the year, and called Philip.October
PhilipNovember. Philip whose very name signifies lover of a horse, Sagittarius
Simon, the Canaanite.December.

Acharya S. Christ Conspiracy p. 167
Peter the rockJanuary, Aquarius
Judas the betrayerScorpio
Matthew the scribelion (8th apostle)
Thomas the twinZodiacal twins (Gemeni)
John the baptistAquarius
AndrewLibra? (scales) autumn
PhilipVirgo (common symbol for Philip is a loaf. Virgo is bread.) But also associated with Libra, time of harvest.
James the Brother (the Less?)?
James the Greater and John the Evangelist, the Sons of Thunder.?
MarkPeter's scribe. Not a disciple. Represents one of the cardinal points of the zodiac. Evangelists are depicted in Christian cathedrals as the man, the ox, lion, and eagle.
LukeAlso not one of the 12. a "physician", a Therapeut, "the good healer", Lykos, god of healing.
Thaddeus/Jude and Simon the Zealot/CanaaniteShare feast day on 10/28. Scorpio.

John the baptistAquarius, January.
PeterPeter's House - Capernaum
LukeSpring. Bull. Aries. Vernal Equinox.
MatthewSummer. Summer solstice. Leo (lion). Longest days. Conincidentally Matthew is longest Gospel.
MarkWinter. Peter's scribe. Shortest days. Coincidentally Mark is shortest Gospel.

BETH houses of Zodiac - Deley
1053 Beth-shemesh = "house of the sun" or "sun-temple"
1007 Beth-aven = "house of vanity"
Greek 967, Bethphage = "house of unripe figs"
Greek 963, Bethany = "house of dates" or, "house of misery"
Greek 1665, Hebrew 0472, Elisabeth = "oath of God", Elisheba = "my God has sworn" or "God is an oath"
Greek 2197 Zacharias meaning "remembered of Jehovah"
Greek 962 Bethabara = "house of the ford"
5523 Chorazin = "a furnace of smoke"
5184 Tyre = "a rock"
4605 Sidon or Zidon = "hunting" Sagittarius, the hunter?

Beth-lehem#01035"House of bread (food)." Virgo
Beth-lehem-ite01022Bethlehemite = "house of bread" Virgo
Beth-saidaGreek #966"House of fish." Pisces.
Beth-shan#01052"House of ease."
Beth-el#01008"House of God." #01008
Beth-rehob#01050"House of the street." a place in Dan on road to Hamath
Beth-maachah01038"House of pressure"
Beyth Nimrah01039"house of the leopard" Leo?

The SunUnquenchable Fire; Lord of the Harvest; Chariot of Fire; burning bush which is not consumed;
"go down to the depths"go below the horizon

49th chapter of Genesis, Jacob blesses his twelve sons, he is really giving the attributes of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. [Stowe's Bible Astrology pg. 62] (Note Stowe and Taylor completely disagree.)
1. Son, Reubenmeans "behold a son." Born of Leah. Assigned to Libra.
2. Son, Sirneonmeans "listening." Born of Leah. Assigned to Scorpio.
3. Son, Levimeans crown wreath, or success. Born of Leah. Assigned to Sagittarius.
4. Son, Judahmeans praised. Born of Leah. Assigned to Capricornus.
5. Son, Dan, means to judge. Born of Bilhah, Rachel's maid. Assigned to Aquarius.
6. Son, Naphtali, means wrestling. Born of Bilhah, Rachel's maid. Assigned to Pisces.
7. Son, Gadmeans a troop or overcomers. Born of Zilpah, Leab's maid. Assigned to Aries.
8. Son, Asharmeans happiness. Born of Zilpah, Leah's maid. Assigned to Taurus.
9. Son, Issacharmeans he is hired. Born of Leah and assigned to Gemini.
10. Son, Zebulunmeans habitation. Born of Leah. Assigned to Cancer.
11. Son, Josephmeans "He shall add." Born of Rachel. Assigned to Leo.
12. Son, Benonimeans calamity; changed to Benjamin, meaning son of the right hand, or success. Born of Rachel. Assigned to Virgo.

49th chapter of Genesis, Jacob blesses his twelve sons [Taylor DP2 p267]
1. Reuben"unstable as water. Aquarius.
2. Simon and Levitwo Fishes of February. Pisces.
3. JudahLeo, lion.
3. EphraimTaurus


5. DanScorpion of October. (Eagle)
6. ZebulunCapricorn of December.
7. IssacharCancer, the crab of June.
8. GadAries, the Ram of March.
9. AsharGemeni, twins of May.
10. NaphtaliVirgo, virgin of August.
11. JosephSagittarius, the Archer. November.
12. Benjamincelestial Wolf. Winter. Lupus? next to Libra, Antares.

vOld Testament
A land flowing with Milk and HoneyThe Milky Way
Tree of KnowledgeNorth Celestial Pole
Garden of EdenThat circle of stars around the North Celestial Pole which never set (they never go below the horizon, they just circle around the North Celestial Pole).
AbrahamSaturn; Father of Heaven; Father of Elevation. Time; (Father Time); Saturn is the slowest of the "Wandering Stars," or Planets, hence it is the Father.
Children of Israelthe stars in the eternal game of follow-my-leader
Caleb[03612] literally "dog." The Dog Star, Sirius, in the constellation Canus Major, the big dog, below Gemini.
Eglon[05700] literally "calf-like." From [05695] "calf, bullock." bull.
EgyptThat portion of the heavens which is below the horizon, and therefore in a state of darkness and shadow. "...that which brings them up out of the land of Egypt," i.e. "from below the horizon"
"These be thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt." Exodus 32:4,8, 1 Kings 12:28) referring to the considerable number of stars which make up the whole group or constellation, whether it was the Bull or the Ram that stood at the point where the Ecliptic crosses the Equator; [Taylor v2p110]
Nimrod"The Philip of the New Testament being none other than the Nimrod of the old." Taylor DP1 pg. 310
Nebuchadnezzara personification of the constellation Sirius (Christian Mythology Unveiled, p.107)
Zionthe zodiac (Christian Mythology Unveiled, p.62)

(Note: The days of the week are named after the planets. See The Days of the Week Are Named After the Planets
[Stowe's Bible Astrology pg. 47]
The Sun - Michael - rules Sunday.
The Moon - Gabriel - rules Monday.
Mars - Samael - rules Tuesday.
Mercury - Raphael - rules Wednesday.
Jupiter - Sachiel - rules Thursday.
Venus - Anael - rules Friday.
Saturn - Cassiel - rules Saturday.

Festivals of the Virgin Mary: (Taylor vol 1 p 132)
Her Purification - February 2
Her Annunciation - March 25
Her Visitation - July 2
Her Desponsation - January 23
Her Commemoration - July 16
Her Nativity - September 8
Her Conception - December 8
Her Assumption - August 15
"The one who comes from above." (John 3:31)[Jesus, the sun, is from above]
"For our conversation is in heaven [the stars above]; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ." (Philippians 3:20)
day of vengeancethe day you step on the grapes in the wine-press to squeeze out the blood of the grape, figuratively the blood of Jesus the Sun.
Chorazin 5523 = "a furnace of smoke" Bethsaida 966 = "house of fish" Jerusalem = "set ye double peace" 03389, 2414 Bethphage = "house of unripe figs" 967 (figs not ripe yet for makeing wine?) Bethany = "house of dates" or, "house of misery" 963 The word 'April' means 'I open.' And in France on April Fools day, a fish representing Pisces is pinned on people. Egyptian Pharaohs & priests of knowledge in that Age were referred to as the "Good Shepherds." The "Flocks" that they watched by night were the stars in the night sky, as they were all siderealists. This is why we read that the Magi, as well as the "Shepherds," following the bright star, knew of the place of birth of the Solar King, Jesus Christ. The word "Shepherd" was a euphemism for 'astrologer,' for it is they who "follow," the stars.

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