The Documentary Hypothesis

JPro-Judah; anti-Israel, their rival. Less interested in Moses.
EPro-Israel; anti-Judah, their rival. Pro-Moses; Anti-Aaron.
DPro-King Josiah. Ironically, Josiah's kingdom collapses 20 years later. They blame the collapse on a previous king, King Manasseh, Josiah's grandfather, so Josiah doesn't take the blame for the collapse of his own kingdom.
PWritten as an alternative to JE. Pro-Priests, specifically the priests who claim to be descended from Aaron. Against rival priests who claim to be descended from Moses.
RRedactor. J & E were put together earlier to create JE. The Redactor combined JE, D, & P, adding just a few lines of his own to make the transitions smooth.

The above overview of J, E, D, and P, is of course way too brief and simplified. For a better understanding I recommend the book:
cover Who Wrote the Bible? by Richard Elliott Friedman. Year: 1987. The best general reference on the Documentary Hypothesis. The book goes into the history and evolution of the J, E, P, and D sources, and shows how they influenced the writing of the first five books of the Bible.
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The Book of Genesis
Generations of heaven and earth2:4a
Garden of Eden3:1-24
Cain and Abel4:1-16
Cain genealogy4:17-26
Generations of man5:295:1-28,30-32
Sons of God and human women6:1-4
The flood6:5-8; 7:1-5, 7, 10, 12, 16b-20, 22-23; 8:2b-3a, 6, 8-12, 13b, 20-226:9-22; 7:8-9, 11, 13-16a, 21, 24; 8:1-2a, 3b-5, 7, 13a, 14-19, 9:1-17
Noah's drunkenness9:18-27
Noah's age7:6; 9:28-29
Generations of Noah's sons10:8-19, 21, 24-3010:1b-7, 20, 22-23, 31, 3210:1a
The tower of Babel11:1-9
Generations of Shem11:10a, 10b-26
Generations of Terah11:27a, 32
Abraham's migration12:1-4a11:27b-31; 12:4b-5
Promise to Abraham12:6-9
Abraham and Lot13:1-5, 7-11a, 12b-18, [14:1-24]13:6, 11b-12a
Abraham's covenant15:1-2117:1-27
Hagar and Ishmael16:1-2, 4-1416:3, 15-16
The three visitors18:1-33
Sodom and Gomorrah19:1-28, 30-3819:29
Birth of Isaac21:1a, 2a, 721:621:1b, 2b-5
Hagar and Ishmael21:8-21
Abraham and Abimelek21:22-34
The Binding of Isaac22:1-10, 16b-1922:11-16a
Abraham's kin22:20-24
The cave of Machpelah23:1-20
The sons of Keturah25:5-625:1-4
The death of Abraham25:7-11a
Generations of Ishmael25:13-1825:12
Generations of Isaac25:19
Jacob and Esau25:11b, 21-34; 27:1-4526:34-35; 27:46; 28:1-9
Isaac and Abimelek26:12-33
Jacob at Beth-El28:10-11a, 13-16, 1928:11b-12, 17-18, 20-22
Jacob, Leah, and Rachel29:1-30
Jacob's children29:31-35; 30:24b30:1-24a35:23-26
Jacob and Laban30:25-4331:1-2, 4-16, 19-54; 32:1-3
Jacob's return31:3, 17, 18a; 32:4-1332:14-24; 33:1-1731:18b; 35:27
Jacob becomes Israel32:25-3335:9-15
Return to Beth-El35:1-8
Rachel dies in childbirth35:16-20
Reuben takes Jacob's concubine35:21-22
The death of Isaac35:28-29
Generations of Esau36:31-4336:2-3036:1
Joseph and his brothers37:2b, 3b, 5-11, 19-20, 23, 25b-27, 28b, 31-3537:3a, 4, 12-18, 21-22, 24, 25a, 28a, 29, 30, 3637:137:2a
Judah and Tamar38:1-30
Judah and Potiphar's wife39:1-23
The butler and the baker40:1-23
Joseph and the Pharaoh41:1-45a, 46b-5741:45b-46a
Jacob's sons in Egypt42:1-4, 8-20, 26-34, 38; 43:1-13, 15-34; 44:1-34; 45:1-2, 4-28;42:5-7, 21-25, 35-37; 43:14; 45:3
Jacob in Egypt46:5b, 28-34; 47:1-27a, 29-31; 49:1-27; 50:1-11, 14-2346:1-5a; 48:1-2, 8-22; 50:23-2646:6-27; 47:27b, 28; 48:3-6; 49:29-33; 50:12-1348:7; 49:28

The Book of Exodus
Those who come to Egypt1:1-5
The new generation1:6-7
The enslavement1:8-121:13-14
Killing the male infants1:221:15-21
Moses' birth and youth2:1-23a
God hears Israel's cry2:23b-25
Yahweh summons Moses3:2-4a, 5, 7-8; 16-22; 4:1-17, 19-20a, 21a, 22-313:1, 4b, 6, 9-15; 4:18, 20b6:2-12, 14-25; 7:1-94:2b; 6:13, 26-30
Moses and Pharaoh5:1-6:1; 7:14-18, 20b-21a, 23-29; 8:3b-11a, 16-28; 9:1-7, 13-34; 10:1-19, 21-26, 28-29; 11:1-97:10-13, 19-20a, 22b; 8:1-3a, 12-15; 9:8-128:11b; 9:35; 10:20, 27; 11:9-10
The Exodus12:21-2312:24-27, 29-36, 37b-39; 13:1-1612:1-20, 28, 40-4912:37a, 50-51
The Red Sea14:5-7, 10b, 13-14, 19b, 20b, 21b, 24, 27b, 30-31; 15:1-1813:17-19; 14:11-12, 19a, 20a, 25a; 15:20-2113:21-22; 14:1-4, 8, 9b, 10a, 10c, 15-18, 21a, 21c, 22-23, 26-27a, 28-2913:20; 15:19
Water in the wilderness15:22b-25a15:22a, 27
Food in the wilderness16:4-5, 35b16:2-3, 6-35a, 3616:1
Water in the wilderness17:2-717:1
Horeb/Sinai19:10-16a, 18, 20-2519:2b-9, 16-17, 19; 20:18-2619:119:2a
The Ten Commandments20:1-17
The Covenant Code21:1-27; 22:1-30; 23:1-33
Horeb/Sinai (continued)24:1-15a; 18b24:15b-18
Tabernacle instruction25:1-31:11
Sabbath command31:12-17
The tablets31:18
The golden calf32:1-33:11
Theophany to Moses34:1a, 2-1333:12-2334:1b
The Ten Commandments34:14-28
The skin of Moses' face34:29-35
Execution of the Tabernacle instruction35-40

The Book of Leviticus
Entire book1-27
Except: Booths on Sukkot23:39-43
Restoration from exile26:39-45

The Book of Numbers
The last days at Mt. Sinai1:1-2:34; 3:2-9:14; 10:1-103:1; 9:15-23
Departure from Mt. Sinai10:29-3610:11-12, 14-2710:13, 28
Food in the wilderness11:4-35
Moses' Cushite wife12:1-16
The spies13:17-20, 22-24, 27-31, 33; 14:1b, 4, 11-25, 39-4513:1-16, 21, 25-26, 32; 14:1a, 2-3, 5-10, 26-39
Additional sacrificial law15:1-31
A sabbath violation15:32-36
Fringes on apparel15:37-41
Korah, Dathan, & Abiram16:1b-2a, 12-14, 25-26, 27b-32a, 33-3416:1a, 2b-11, 15-24, 27a, 32b, 35[16:24, 27]
Aaronids and Levites17:1-18:32
The red heifer19:1-22
Water in the wilderness20:1b-1320:1a
Israel and Edom20:14-2121:4a?
The death of Aaron20:23-2920:22
Israel and Arad21:1-3
The bronze serpent21:4b-9
Journeys21:10-11, [12-20]
Sihon and Og21:21-35
The heresy of Peor25:1-525:6-19
Census26:1-8, 12-6526:9-11
The daughters of Zelophehad27:1-11
The appointment of Joshua27:12-23
Additional scrificial law28:1-31; 29:1-39
Laws on annulling women's vows30:1-17
The defeat of the Midianites31:1-54
Tribal portions32:1-42; 33:50-56; 34:1-29; 35:1-34; 36:1-13
The stations list33:1-49

The Book of Deuteronomy
Moses' introduction1:1-4:24, 32-49; 5:1-8:18; 9:1-11:324:25-31; 8:19-20
Law code26:16-19; 27:1-1012:1-26:15
Covenant ceremony27:11-26
Blessings and curses28:1-35, 38-6228:36-37, 63-68
Moses' conclusion28:69; 29:1-20, 28; 30:11-13; 31:1-829:21-27; 30:1-10, 14-20
The appointment of Joshua31:14-15, 23
The torah31:9-12, 24-27
The Song of Moses31:16-22, 28-30; 32:4432:1-43
Moses' last words32:45-47
The Blessing of Moses33:2-2733:1
The death of Moses34:10-1232:48-52(R)34:1-634:7-9

Above table from the book:
cover Who Wrote the Bible? by Richard Elliott Friedman. Year: 1987. The best general reference on the Documentary Hypothesis. The book goes into the history and evolution of the J, E, P, and D sources, and shows how they influenced the writing of the first five books of the Bible.
Also available from: Barns&
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