Numbers 5:9-10 What a cool way for a priest to increase his possessions. Certainly this will inspire the priest to encourage that many "sacred contributions" be given to him.
Numbers 5:11-31 Sounds like the old "Drink this poison and if you live you're innocent" test.
Numbers 6:5 1 Corinthians 11:14 contradicts this by saying it is a disgrace to have long hair.
Numbers 24:17 "a Sceptre shall rise out of Israel..." There is a constellation called the Sceptre, which rises up from below the horizon as do all the stars at their proper time.
Numbers 25:1-9 Kill anyone who doesn't follow your religion. A good way to insure your religion survives. The Lord becomes fiercely angry when people worship a different god. Or is it just Moses who wants to remain the supreme priest by killing anyone who thinks otherwise. It's quite lucrative being the supreme priest. Apparently any Midianite women should be killed with a spear. Non-Israelite people, such as the Midianites, were ordered to be destroyed by the God of the Bible.
Numbers 21:14 Nothing is known of this "Book of Wars" that is being quoted. Did God not want it to survive? Or is this a case of Church censorship? It's possible the Catholic Church had all the copies burned and destroyed until not a single one survived.
Numbers 31:1-18 What the heck did the Minianites do to deserve this?

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