Noah's Ark

The first five books of the Old Testament were written by at least four different authors, which is why we often find two contradictory accounts of the same story, or we find a single story that contradicts itself because it is a union of two separate stories. There are also four different Hebrew words translated as "God" in these first five books, again an indication that these are a mixture of four different authors. This also explains why we have contradictory personalities for God.

The four authors are known as J, E, D, and P.

The two deluge stories worked together are from the P (Priestly Narrative) and J (Yahwist Narrative).

Priestly Narrative: vi:9-22, vii:6,11,13-16a,17a,18-21,24, viii:1-2a,3b-5,13a,14-19,1-17.

Jehovistic Narrative: vii:1-5,7-10,12,16b,17b,22-23,2b-3a,6-12,13b,20-22.

Genesis 6:9-9:17 Noah's Ark
Question: How many animals of each kind did Noah fit on the ark?
Tradition says two, but in certain cases there were seven. Seven of the clean/unclean animals. This does not necessarily contradict there being two of all other animals as it was only the clean/unclean animals of which there were seven. (If seven, how many were male and how many were female?)

Question: How did Noah fit all the animals on the ark?
Explanation: The flood was only a local flood, not a world-wide flood.

OR: There were less animals back then. Would this contradict the story of creation when ALL the animals were created? How do we explain the creation of more species after Noah? Did God start creating more? Or do we invoke the theory of evolution to explain the creation of more species? Or is it possible God started by creating a small number of plants and animals (creationism) which then evolved into more numerous species (evolution)? [The theory of evolution is currently seen as a threat to a literal interpretation of the Bible. There are still efforts to repress the teaching of evolution as a science in schools.] Noah: What about plants? Were they saved? Did they all survive being submerged under water for forty days? What about the fish?

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