Isaiah 13:10 This is a description of a solar eclipse.

Isaiah 27:1 "The marginal reading gives us instead of "piercing," "crossing like a bar"; a most descriptive epithet for the long-drawn-out constellation of Hydra, the Water-snake, which stretched itself for one hundred and five degrees along the primitive equator, and "crossed" the meridian "like a bar" for seven hours out of every twenty-four. "The crooked serpent" would denote the dragon coiled around the poles, whilst "the dragon which is in the sea" would naturlly refer to Cetus, the Sea-monster. he prophecy would mean then, that "in that day" the Lord will destroy all the powers of evil which have, as it were, laid hold of the chief places, even in the heavens.

Isaiah 38:8 This is a description of the changing seasons of the year. The sun changes its position in the sky as the year progresses, making shadows longer or shorter depending on what time of year it is.

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