1 John

1 John
1 John 5:7-8 Additional Forgery. These verses are not in any ancient Bible. This interpolation was a bold stroke to strengthen the Trinity.[2,p.54]

—in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit; and these three are one. And there are three that boar record on earth”—. The evidence in favour of the genuineness of these words is so inferior to that on the opposite side, that the majority of persons who have gone through the whole case, (which is no trifling labour,) are satisfied of their spuriousness. The probability is, that the passage was originally a marginal comment on “the Spirit, the water, and the blood;” and was introduced, by the ignorance or the predilection of transcribers, into the text of the Vulgate Latin Version. There is no authority for it whatsoever in any manuscripts of the Greek original, except one, which is too modern to be of much value. This and the two following compose the three passages to which the author of the Introduction to the Improved Version attributes “great importance.” But it should be recollected, that critical disquisition upon the authenticity of any document ought to be carried on with the most rigorous impartiality, and without either favour or disfavour to particular doctrines which the document might affect: that many who have denied the doctrines of the Trinity and the Divine Nature of the Saviour, have admitted the common reading of these three texts; and that many other persons who reject the passage in 1 John v. and approve of the proposed emendations of the other two, are fully convinced of the truth of those doctrines, because they believe the general tenor of Scripture and the declaration of particular passages, both numerous and forcible, to be decidedly in their favour.
      —John Pye Smith, An Answer To A Printed Paper Entitled MANIFESTO of the CHRISTIAN EVIDENCE SOCIETY (by Robert Taylor)(1827).

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